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With all pleasure it is announced  that Iranian Petroleum Geomechanics Association in cooperation with Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company,Shahrood University of Technology and European Association of Geoscientist and Engineers (EAGE) will hold third national petroleum geomechanics conference on 22-23 January 2018,at Exploration directorate of National Iranian Oil Company. With Acknowledging majority of participants in the first and second national petroleum geomechanics conferences,these conferences are providing an appropriate and efficient atmosphere to share and exchange the knowledge and experiences of Iranian experts and researchers in the field of petroleum geomechanics. Hence to guarantee the success of this national event,effective Support and collaboration of industries and universities are indispensable for organizing and holding upcoming conference.Iranian Petroleum Geomechanics Association invites all companies,organizations and scientific-research institutes/centers to participate in this conference which by presenting their recent scientific and technical achievements as the oral/poster papers,technical panels,exhibition or providing items related to the conference or financial/moral supports,afford an efficient basis for developing and growing petroleum geomechanics applications in the national oil and gas industries. Some of the main goals of this conference are as followings:
1-      Increasing the level of professional and scientific knowledge of the petroleum geomechanics applications

2-      Investigating the importance and role of the geomechanical studies in the preservative oil and gas production

3-      Investigating the role of the novel technologies in designing,analyzing and utilizing  of oil and gas wells and reservoirs

4-      Recording the experiences and documenting the researches related to the conference subjects.

5-      Understanding and acquiring  the  novel and recent achievements and advance technologies in all around the world

6-      Founding a proper basis to share the knowledge and experience of experts and specialists related to the petroleum geomechanics projects

7-      Recognizing and introducing the petroleum geomechanics application in oil and gas industries.  


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